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Relationship between Music and Advertisement

Having music playing in the background of the advertisement or simply using music as an advertisement tool can trigger viewers emotions and the lyrics can stick to their memories, this plays a central role in developing brands as viewers will always associate the music with your business something a key to developing brand loyalty. The music ability to connect and arouse our feelings catapulting distinct emotional connections makes it a perfect choice for marketers to exploit our emotions to push their products into our memory by selecting the right music for their target audience, the rhythm of both the song and the advertisement are synced to make a smooth flow that makes the advertisement unforgettable especially when its played over and over again. To understand the role of music in marketing this article has assembled unique features in music that make it a perfect tool for advertisement .

Music in advertising is preferred because it gives marketers a wide choice in terms of marketing costs, for example for a business with a big marketing budget they can opt to align with a popular artist with huge followings and millions of fans across the world which can cost you millions, an ideal alternative is to align with a rising local artist which is affordable, the benefits of collaborating with a local artist is that they have local engagement with their followers and their followers are a mix of friends and fans which give your business a local following which is essential in creating brand loyalty in the local market.

Music has an aspect of attracting people’s attention which makes it a perfect tool for unique uses, marketers exploit these features by attracting viewers or listeners towards their business, products, or services they provide, for example, if your business manufacture or deal with environmentally friendly products you can pair with artists who are pushing for sustainable development and teaching their fans on the need for using environmentally friendly products, this gives your business, products or services high visibility because it attracts the interests of such followers who may want to know what you offer.

The ability of music to trigger emotion and evoke strong connections with events make it a perfect tool to inspire people to take action, for example, commercials that want to send a strong message that indicates their stand about something they carefully select a song with a message that inspires ad motivate viewers or listeners to take actions or make them start talking about the commercial hence accomplishing the intent of the advertisement. Those are some reasons why you need to incorporate music in your advertisement.